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Qi Beauty Facial Rejuvenation

A natural, gentle and non-invasive solution for healthy glowing skin

What is the Qi Beauty Magnetic Facial?

The Qi Beauty Facial Rejuvenation treatment is a relaxing facial that uses a personalized matrix of gold-plated, gauss-specific magnets to stimulate cell rejuvenation.

The Qi Beauty™ product line is Certified Organic, Health Canada approved and features Australian bush flower extracts, herbs and oils selected for their medicinal properties and renowned health benefits. Everyone’s results are different but most people report a visible difference after just one treatment.

This treatment is completely painless with no side effects, no downtime, and no bruising. It however is not recommended for people who have recently had Botox or filler injections as it can negate the effects.

A minimum of 7 weekly treatments is recommended for maximum effect.

What Can You Expect From The Qi Beauty Facial?

In addition to a deep sense of well being and relaxation during the 75 minutes facial treatment, here are some of the reported benefits of the Qi Beauty Facial Rejuvenation protocol:

  • brightening of the skin

  • reduce hyperpigmentation

  • detox skin to reduce congestion-causing breakouts

  • reduce appearance of fine lines

  • reduce skin inflammation

  • improve facial contour & sag

  • restore hydration & bounce

  • reduce appearance of scars

  • reduce wrinkle depth